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K. Anthony’s School was founded in 1971 to fulfill a need for a caring educational facility in the community of Inglewood, California.


It all began with an auction of an old fire station. The location, 8708 Crenshaw Boulevard, became what is known today as K. Anthony’s Pre-school. The school was named after Keith Anthony, son of Mr. and Mrs. Margaret and Brady Johnson. At first, the dream seemed impossible because of the extensive, major repairs that the fire station required. But after a few months of hard work, the doors of the first six enrollees were opened. Before long, the school’s enrollment was to its full capacity.


In 1975, an old nightclub building located at 8420 Crenshaw Blvd. was purchased, and converted into K. Anthony Elementary School. The elementary school was originally to serve children between grades one through four. Upon expansion, an annex was added to accommodate a fifth grade in 1978, and in 1979, the sixth grade was appended. Since then, the preschool and elementary schools have functioned to support the philosophy and goal that each year should show gradual yet increasing growth.


In the world of today, the children are faced with an uncertain future. We have a commitment to provide an education to make their future a little less perilous and uncertain. Our motto: “Tis education that forms the common mind, just as the twig is bent, the trees incline” – was chosen because it metaphorically suggests that the child’s mind is like a sapling that requires patient and constant nurturing for its proper growth. We feel that the philosophy and curriculum of K. Anthony’s Schools are effective tools in the nurturing and molding of these young minds.





A Message from the Founders


When we opened K. Anthony’s doors in 1971, our objective then, as it is today, entailed nurturing young minds. We placed strong emphasis on creativity, responsibility, love, and understanding. Today, we remain focused on these objectives. We remain committed to meeting each child’s social as well as academic needs.


With today’s rapidly changing lifestyles, it is necessary that we reeducate our minds in order to better understand and meet the changing needs of all children. “Each one must teach one.”


Our aim is to inspire, assist, guide, and teach each child to accept responsibility for his own actions and refrain from blaming others.


Although, we will always strive to play an important role in influencing the lives of our children, we acknowledge that without parental support and involvement, we cannot successfully achieve our goals. We realize that the parent is the most important teacher in the emotional, physical and spiritual development of children.


             Working together, we will achieve our objectives and continue to produce some of the finest students in the educational school system.


We ask your blessings as we continue to provide the type of guidance that will comprehensively enhance the growth processes of our children.






                             Mr & Mrs Johnson

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