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We believe that in addition to preparing our students for the next step in their educational career, we should also provide opportunities and challenges that encourage and motivate each student to mature intellectually, physically, and morally. The following outline of course studies defines more specifically our expectations.




Our English program is formatted to educate and develop each student’s linguistic skills and to strengthen each child’s communication skills. Public speaking and writing skills are incorporated weekly into the English curriculum and is taught in correlation with grammar and syntax structure. In the upper level (grades 4-6), essays, book reports and research papers are corrected and revised.




K. Anthony’s School strives to ensure that every student will reach a level of competency in basic math skills (arithmetic and pre-algebra). All students are instructed and guided to compute and apply these learned math skills into their daily activities. Our goal is to produce students that are mathematically inclined to reason and analyze. A review of previous learned skills is conducted during the first week of school, in order to assess each child properly. Children in the first grade are introduced to addition and subtraction (with 2, 3, and 4 digits), borrowing and carrying, counting money and telling time. A new skill is introduced at the end of each quarter. First graders are introduced to multiples. A more in depth study is continued in the second grade. Second graders are also introduced to the basic facts and rules of division.

Division and multiplication are reiterated during the first weeks of the third grade and followed by a more in depth study. The metric system and fractions are also a part of the curriculum. Material taught during the first weeks of the fourth grade is a cumulative review of previously learned skills. Fractions are taught in depth and decimals and percentage application is introduced. Fifth grade students are academically prepared to challenge the skills introduced in grade six. In grade six, a cumulative review of all the skills learned in the fifth grade is reiterated and more complex problems and skills are taught. Pre-Algebra is also introduced at grade six.




Our spelling program is comprised of reading, writing, vocabulary and lexicon skills. The weekly study words introduced at each grade level have been selected by curriculum educators, and have been proven to be both stimulating and challenging. Our goal is to encourage each student to interpret the meaning of and phonetically challenge unfamiliar words in their daily reading program.




The science curriculum at K. Anthony’s School begins with a general survey of Life and Earth Science. It continues with a general analysis of physical science, physical mater, the study of machines, electricity, magnets, light energy, sounds waves, space, and many more interesting and exciting subjects. We believe that children enjoy learning through a “hands on” approach. Therefore, conducting experiments is an important part of our science program.




In the lower level, the social study program consists of studies that pertain to the community, neighborhood, environment and our world. Students in the third grade are introduced to early American history. In the fourth grade, the history and geography of the United States is studied. In grades five and six, a more in depth study of American study is introduced. A study of the history, geography and culture of the people located in the western and eastern hemispheres is also apart of the curriculum. The study of our Black Heritage and traditional values is a part of all students’ studies.



Daily reading, physical education, art and music are also incorporated into the daily schedule of all teachers at K. Anthony’s School. All teachers are committed to excellence and effectively work to bring out the very best in each individual student.

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