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Our Motto:


“Tis education that forms the common mind – Just as the twig is bent, the trees incline”


Our Intention:


-To develop a child’s character traits and intellect which will aid in developing both academic and innate talents and the child’s ability to think critically.


-To create and maintain a working relationship between student and teacher.


-To encourage and motivate students to become committed and personally involved in their work. Keep in mind that intelligence is not restricted to academic knowledge, but includes a child’s innate qualities, values and principles as well.


-To foster the child’s morale, and to develop the child’s social awareness so that he/she may understand, participate and take responsibility in our community and have respect for the environment.




              We realize that the school cannot achieve any of the objectives stated unless the child’s overall experiences are positive, joyful and productive. A school must be rich and rewarding in knowledge and offer a constructive opportunity that prepares a child for college and todays society. For this cause, excellence in education is founded in our philosophy, stated in our objectives and made our goal.

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